VintageZebras a company born out of the love of flowers, birds, hearts and doodles! VintageZebras is run by Glasgow based designer maker Siobhan McDonagh who designs and makes a range of products producing a special form of ‘vintage designs’.

VintageZebrasVintageZebras card illustration 

Now, you may be wondering at this stage where the name VintageZebras came from and what does it mean. The two word name reflects McDonagh personnel interests “I wanted the brand to encapsulate my own personality and the individuality of each design. All of my designs are very meaningful to me and carry their own little story, so I wanted to put them all under an umbrella that would reflect me as a person and the uniqueness of my products.” explains McDonagh.  Lovely meaning behind the name!


Tea cup and saucer with the VintageZebras illustrations.

VintageZebras creates bespoke fine design illustrations that can be personalised, tailor made and adapted to a wide range of applications including glassware, ceramics event invitations, greeting cards among others. Every VintageZebras product is unique and is often made from reclaimed materials that are then given a new lease of life as Siobhan McDonagh delicately applies each individual design by hand onto glass, paper, card or whatever material inspires her that day.


Jam Jars that have received the VintageZebras makeover.

VintageZebras glassware products feature hand painted motifs applied using glass paint and a toothpick! A laborious task but produces the best results says McDonagh.  Using reclaimed glassware McDonagh gives her products a new lease of life, a second chance! The beauty of a jam jar is often overlooked and the thought of the jars going to landfill or being crushed doesn’t sit well with McDonagh. VintageZebras range of glass jars with hand painted motifs look great and very unique! There’s a hint of the art deco movement in these jars with the black lines contrasting with the glass.


Jar with birds.

VintageZebras new product line will introduce architectural inspired designs, McDonagh is currently studying the beautiful ironmongery and masonry of Glasgow – exciting stuff lies ahead! Check out the VintageZebras website where you can browse the products on sale or chat with  Siobhan McDonagh about a bespoke project your thinking about!





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