Spiders Bears Monsters and Kina

This playful, fun and funky collection of ceramics produced by Kina  Gorska of Kina Ceramic Design are a great way to add some fun to the kitchen or living room!  Gorska designs are full of surprises with lots of different inspirations.  Fingers, ants, spiders, paws and monsters all make up Gorska’s funky home ware collection.

Kina Ceramic

Yerba Mate

Strangely I love the look of the bugs crawling over the Yerba Mate! Don’t they look real? The fun appearance of this design is created through the bee hive shape and creepy crawlies placed around it.

Kina Ceramic Design

Bug Bowel

Imagine eating cereal from the Bug Bowel! True to Gorska’s style the bug bowel is covered in more creepy crawlies including a giant spider! This would definitely catch some people off guard! Oh crap! A spider! followed by the sense of relief that’s it’s not real!

Kina Ceramic Design

Monster cup

The Monster cup! for Tea! The monster cup designed and decorated with Monsters is a fun product that is sure to excite people while they are drinking.

Kina Ceramic Design

These fun funky porcelain finger supported bowls look great and strange! It could be used to store lots of things but I am thinking there is something comical about using it as a finger bowl. Finger bowel to clean your fingers! Get it?

Kina Ceramic Design

Gorska’s take on the much played Mahjong board game that originated in China.

144 tiles, 2 small bowls, 2 ashtrays, 4 cups all designed and made by Gorska in porcelain with illustrations on the surface in her signature style.  This contemporary styled Mahjong set looks great in porcelain white and offset with the black outlined illustrations.

Kina Ceramic Design

Branching out from porcelain, Gorska has made these fun looking teddy bear paw oven gloves! This original playful design is sure to make baking more fun and may even come in handy for when you just feeling scaring someone!


You can see more images at Kina Ceramic design on Esty or find Kina and her designs on Facbook.



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