Serial designer maker Charlotte Hupfield

Serial designer maker Charlotte Hupfield skilfully crafts a huge variety of beautiful colourfully ceramics from her home based workshop in Northamptonshire.  Hupfield produces handmade bowls, vases, clocks, vessels, buttons as well as gift tags among other fabulous creations.

Charlotte Hupfield ceramics selection

Some of the amazing cermaics produced by Hupfield.

Hupfield is inspired and fascinated with nature and is particularly drawn to organic textures which can be seen throughout her work.  It’s quite fitting that Hupfield’s material of choice is clay; perhaps it’s the natural qualities and earthly feel of the material that has instinctively drawn her to it.

Charlotte Hupfield ceramic surface decoration

Highly detailed textures, colours and patterns!

Each piece of Hupfield’s ceramics is fantastically detailed; textures, colours and finishes have been carefully considered before being made.  No two pieces of Hupfield’s creations are the same, each individual piece is unique.  Blues, yellows, greens, browns and more make up the collections of ceramics that Hupfield produces.

“the changes in rocks and coves caused by weathering and erosion from the sea, bumpy and colourful linear patterns found within fields and hills, and the surfaces in nature where no two marks are ever the same – it is this particular aspect that my ceramics connects to.” Charlotte Hupfield

Charlotte Hupfield natural vases

Natural Vases

Hupfeilds vases look fantastic with their organic forms, textures and colours.  Hupfield’s natural inspiration produces timeless pieces, these creations are never going out of date! I love the details in Hupfield’s vases, they really do hold my attention, there’s so much going on on the surface which creates gaze holding pieces.

PINSO creative Know How Charlotte Hupfield 1

Ceramic Buttons!

Individually handmade, coloured and textured these little buttons looks great and would make a lovely addition to a bag, jacket, hat or whatever you feel looks good! For me, I am thinking a bag, they would look quite distinctive between other buttons and badges.

Charlotte Hupfield

Ceramic Gift Tag

What an amazing gift tag! Beautifully made and topped off with a lovely orange ribbon. Adding this to a gift definitely makes it that much more special.  I can imagine this being hung somewhere as reminder of that good day when you got a lovely new pressie! A happy reminder!


Serial designer maker Charlotte Hupfield’s website is loaded with a variety of fantastic handmade ceramics which are for sale, have look here.  Hupfield also keeps an up to date blog with lots of entries on what she is doing, how she is doing it and how good hot chocolate with marshmallows can be! Check it out, you wont be disappointed!



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