Paper Jewellery by Liz Hamman

Cheshire based mixed media artist Liz Hamman create’s fantastic handmade jewellery from reclaimed materials. Hamman’s jewellery has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Much of the paper used to create the  jewellery comes from reclaimed or second hand books, maps among other paper materials.
‘Paper is an amazing material and can be manipulated in many ways. It can be cut, stitched, torn, folded, laminated and much more all producing very different results, this is why I love it as a material.‘ – Liz Hamman
Liz Hamman Paper Jewellery
Paper Jewellery created by Liz Hamman

Books or maps are well travelled items – they accompany us on planes, on holidays and they sometimes get us lost at sea! ARR! Making jewellery from materials that have a memory attached to them brings a higher sense of meaning as the material it is made from represents a memory – a moment in time when you were happy, sad or lost. Each jewellery piece is as unique as the memories attached to the materials it is made from.

Liz Hamman Paper Jewellery

Paper Jewellery (rings) created by Liz Hamman

The layered coloured effect on the rings look beautiful and have a organic feel to them – much like tree age rings.  Made from reclaimed materials these rings must have been made from a particularly colourful book with lots of illustrations. The reflective surface on the rings is a protective coat applied by Hamman which makes it more resilient than just a paper finish. The protective water resistant coating is durable but it is not totally water proof so be careful when doing the washing.

Liz Hamman Paper Jewellery

Necklace made of pages from ‘The AA Book of the car’

This fantastic contemporary looking necklace is made from ‘The AA Book of the car‘.  The sharpe crisp corners coupled with the beautiful marbling affect achieved on the surface looks amazing! The layers of paper making up the surface pattern could be mistaken for a polished marble but it is in fact a paper.  Hamman drew inspiration for the piece from cars being ‘squashed’ when no longer needed.

Liz Hamman Paper Jewellery

 Mandala necklaces

The Mandala necklace by Hamman looks great! Hamman created these ‘practice’ pieces using a technique called the Japanese lock fold or known in Germany as paper star folding.  Text documents and maps make up the surface of these lovely intricate designs.  We can expect to see more of these fab pieces in future. You can see more Hamman’s work on her Facebook page or you can browse her online shop here.




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