MP3 to 3D Printer

pinso creative know how  Amanda Ghassaei mp3 3d printer vinyl 1-Optimized

Lovely 3D printed plastic produced by a Objet Connex500 resin printer! Ooh!

Check out this amazing experiment by designer Amanda Ghassaei, she has created a 3D printed 12″ vinyl record that transforms the digital audio files of the likes of Nirvana, New Order among others into playable ‘old timey’ records! How cool is that! Ghassaei wanted to explore the limits of 3D printing technology and as a result created this unusual and very interesting combination of old world technology with 3D Printing! This reminds me of the article we did on Austin Yangs itypewriter combining old methods with new.

pinso creative know how  Amanda Ghassaei mp3 3d printer vinyl 2-Optimized

These fantastic 12″ resin records do work! and play on traditional turntables and are said to sound like the wax cylinder recordings from the late 1800s! Can you imagine people listening to Nirvana on vinyl in the 1800s?

Check out the video below to hear the sound quality produced by this exciting experiment – its proper grunge.  Its great to see people experimenting and exploring different materials and methods!

The computer record model image below shows the record groove geometry in section; you are quite literally looking at music here! This is how all 3D models for printing eventually look before being exported into a STL (that’s STereoLithography!! I’ll explain on another post) format which is then read by the 3D printer and then it prints! Ghassaei covers the project in detail on

Amanda Ghassaei

Fun projects like this often lead to new innovations and aha moments so I encourage you to ‘let your mind wonder’.



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