Mad Made

Look at this amazing Table and lamp crafted by Andrew Oliver at Madmade.  The Drunken Table and Crooked Lamp are quirky witty designs that play on the perceptions of familiar and domestic objects. We know the lamp ‘should’ be straight and the table ‘should’ be flat but at Madmade they decided it shouldn’t be.


Drunken Table

The wonderfully crafted Drunken Table’s surface has been made in concertina effect – like a folded piece of paper. This folded effect combined with the dark matt finish helps highlight the angles and planes created for the table surface.  The table legs appear a little unsteady, some would say drunk with its traditional wood-turned forms cut and rejoined to zigzag on their way to the floor.  Oliver’s deliberate element of humour and structural deception in the design requires a great deal of skill and craft.


Crooked Lamp

The Crooked Lamp looks great! This zigzagged free standing lamp is a brilliant play on the norm. It looks as if it should be falling over but Oliver has clearly thought out where to cut and join the pieces to make it functional and create an unbalanced perception.


At work!

Environmentally friendly living is at the heart of Andrew Oliver and Madmade.  The designs at Madmade are a constant progression towards more ethical and environmental techniques and lifestyles.  The Drunken Table and Crooked Lamp where inspired by Oliver’s experimentation in salvaged and second hand furniture.  The Madmade website features more work from Andrew Oliver and his partner jewellery designer Corrinne Evans.


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