Illustrator Sue Hetfield

This amazing work is produced by Sue Hetfield, an illustration graduate from the University of Lincoln.  Hetfield’s marvellous work is purely motivated by her love of illustration and her love of the written word; communicating the written word into lines, colours and forms is a thrill and challenge that Hetfield relishes in.

Hetfield’s inspirations come from a number of sources which include stories, poems, films, music, tattoo artists and lesser known but great artists that she has found through the web.  At the core of Hetfield’s inspirations is nature! Specifically animals, “They give such brilliant characteristics and are such fun to draw!” says Hetfield.

Sue Hetfield

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect is Hetfield’s response to a healthcare brief specifically targeted at conditions of the mind.  This superbly ecliptic collection of colours with Stina Persson inspired heads looks awesome. The striking impact of the imagery created by Hetfield forces you to stop, look and wonder.  Hetfield deliberately created the image to be open to individual interpretation, Hetfield –  “I made its meaning fairly ambiguous so that the viewer could read their own personal interpretation of it. At the time I was playing with more of a graphic approach to the work”.

Sue Hetfield

The Spam

The Spam, a project set by the university where Hetfield was restricted to a set of parameters and asked to design within her own style – sounds fun! The quirky image looks great and the play with the alien is fun!

Sue Hetfield

The Owl and the Nightingale iPad case

This beautifully lined and coloured illustration was created for a competition run by Cygnett.  The project was to produce a surface design for an iPad case.  At the time Hetfield was studying birds and wanted to include them in the design.  The illustration was inspired by elements of a 13th Century poem such as the owl sitting amongst ivy and the Nightingale sitting among the blossom.  This has been one of Hetfield’s most popular illustrations and came runner in the competition.

Sue Hetfield

One for Sorrow, two for Joy

This book is based on the poem “One for sorrow, two for Joy”, the poem is recreated throughout the book in Hetfield’s style.  The blackout areas are hand cut from sugar paper and the text was done with ink and a stick! Hetfield had also reconfigured the book’s layout to be more suiting to her project with long folding out pages.  The effect that Hetfield has created is beautiful and dark!

Sue Hetfield

James Joyce’s book “The Dubliners, figure created by Hetfield.

Looking to explore Hetfield began employing crafting techniques to create a variety of responses to James Joyce’s book The Dubliner.  The figures are created using a wire frame skeleton with clay making the form.  Hetfield’s creations play on the theme of the novel with ironic twists between her work and the characters in the book. Its a great looking piece!


The Swineherd and the Maiden

The Swineherd and the Maiden is based on the Merz fairytale by Kurt Schwitters.  Hetfield wanted to direct the story towards a younger audience, to do this she made the character into finger puppets of the characters and made a cheerfully designed box for display and protection of the puppets. Check out that little piggy in the middle!  The project looks more fitting and entertaining for children with the introduction of finger puppets, colour text and characters!


Since graduating in late 2012 Hetfield has been working on her own designs and will be venturing out into business in 2013! We can expect to see more of Hetfield’s beautifully illustrated designs in the future! You find more about Hetfield here at her website.


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