Greensprout studio


The Ecological Glass Bottle

The ecological glass bottle created by Greensprout studio was arranged with an orchid, stones, woods and mosses. This simple but balanced eco-system is beautifully constructed and presented in a vintage styled medicine bottle. Caring for this elegant flower is effortless, it only has to be placed in a bright space with a single drop of water between the rocks once a week. Perfect for adding a little green to your home!

Greensprout is a Taiwan-based eco driven design studio founded by Wan Hsuan Wang (Sharon Wang) who has a love of plants. Greensprout studio aims to bring the beauty and energy of plants to people living in cities to help ‘de-stress’ them after a long (long!) hard day. Nature inspires Wang to create these designs which she can then customize to an individual’s preferences – a custom plant.


Framed wall plant

A painting can capture a moment forever, but this work will bring you more than a moment. It is a forever living painting (but only if you take care of it!) which is breathing, growing and transforming with the seasons. Greensprout studio uses healthy low maintenance plants to create these beautiful sceneries to make a space come alive.


Living, breathing Paintings

Wang creates beautiful living designs in a variety of shapes.  The hanging frames are great, they look like little windows to nature and at the same time create the illusion that nature is growing from the wall, you wont be tripping over the plant pot with these!


Crystal Plant Ball

Some believe that a crystal ball possesses incredible magical powers that can be used to look into the future, whether that is true or not is up for debate however I am pretty sure that the Crystal Plant Ball will help you relax and enjoy the moment.  Take good care of these green pets and they will take care of you in return, how lovely they are!


You can see more of Greensprouts lovely living decorations as well as some of their other products here or stay up to date with them on their Facebook page here.



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