Dee Raa Arts Fish, monkeys, monsters, hot cross buns and

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How fish


Fish, monkeys, monsters, hot cross buns and Wilbur all the characters of imaginative Dee Raa Arts owner Kirsti.  Dee Raa Art’s work looks interesting, fun and funky and look as if they should be in a Pixar movie directed by Tim Burton!  The colourful characters made from polymer clay are all original creations with the inspiration for them coming from Kirsti’s ‘crazy little head’.  Kirsti has been working with polymer clay for 6 years and loves playing with the material to make fun characters, sculptures or whatever she feels experimenting with! Started in 2012 Dee Raa Arts has seen an explosion of popularity with Kirsti’s handmade creations, jewellery and accessories striking a connection with her many fans! Dee Raa Arts creations are available for sale here.


Check out our Q&A session with Kirsti on how Dee Raa Arts started and where it’s going!


PINSO: Why did you start Dee Raa Arts?


Kirsti: I started Dee Raa Arts last year in February (2012), I was on a college course at the time (Foundation Diploma in Art and Design) I just wanted a portfolio really to dump my art in, I didn’t think it would turn out like it has. I like what has happened though, and this is only the beginning.


PINSO: What’s the story behind the name Dee Raa Arts?


Kirsti: Well my name on Facebook is Kirstoi Dee Raa, (not my real name) so I just called it after my Facebook last name.


PINSO: What is it about Polymer Clay that you like?


Kirsti: You can do anything with it! It’s the most amazing material ever!

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How moneky

Dee Raa Arts monkey made by Kirsti using Polymer clay.

PINSO: Where do you find your inspiration?


Kirsti: In my head, my crazy little head

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How rainbow monster

The Rainbow monster! Check out that tongue!

PINSO: What have you found to be the most challenging part of running Dee Raa Arts?


Kirsti: Commissions, as I prefer to do my own thing and make what I want to make, but when someone wants something in-particular I find it hard to connect to what I have been asked to do.

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How Wilbur


PINSO: How do you find the balance between your super enthusiastic fans and your designing/making time?


Kirsti: I mainly get questions, comments etc when I post new photos, so when I post a new photo I usually stay online for an hour to keep an eye on everything and then get back to whatever I am doing. My phone is also very useful to me for this when I am out or working. I must say I love my fans and I have the best fans in the world, they are amazing!


PINSO: You have lots of creations, what’s your favourite one and why?


Kirsti: That’s hard, because I have a few, there is Eggbert and Eggwina, I made them for my college work last year and they sparked everything off on Dee Raa Arts really. Then there is the Rainbow monster because he is just adorable, and lastly, my fish bowl. I have just started playing with resin, I didn’t know that within a week of using resin that I would create something that is my most popular creation!

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How eggbert eggwina

The lovely Eggbert and Eggwina.

PINSO: What exciting things can we expect in the future for Dee Raa Arts?


Kirsti: More fish, more resin items, more messed up animals (like Wilbur) and hopefully more bigger sculptures later on in the year!

Dee Raa Arts PINSO creative Know How fish 1

Fantastic fish in resin!

Big thank you to Kirsti for taking the time out to talk to us.


Thank you!


Check out the Dee Raa Arts Facebook page for more images and updates from Kirsti.


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