Catch up with Hannah Lovett

We are catching up with Manchester based Designer Maker & Artist Hannah Lovett and her fantastic glass creations.  Lovett has been hard at work making these fantastic new glass creations produced as part of her Flux series.  As ever the detail in Lovett’s creations is outstanding, the Flux series displays a strong sense of movement and fluidity, the title refers directly to material, aesthetic and origin.

Hannah Lovett series  1

Each individual glass piece is orientated differently which helps portray the notion of movement. The colour from light to dark further increases that sense of movement in the piece. Clearly Lovett has a high understanding of how people perceive objects as she can manipulate preconceptions to create pieces that appear to have vivid movement but are in fact static.

Hannah Lovett series 4

The individual glass stems have varying colours, size and shape which help to create the sense of motion in the piece. The colours in this piece appear very natural and calming. The piece reminds me of long grass blowing in the wind with its upward sweeping green stems. Its a beautiful sight with changing colours and forms, when I look at Hannah Lovetts Flux series this is what I am reminded of! Good memories!

Hannah Lovett series  3

 Check out Hannah Lovetts website here for more images and information on the Flux series.


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