Bryony Crane


Bryony Crane and her ostrich


These fantastically drawn and coloured works where created by Illustrator Bryony Crane.  The image above is Crane herself with her ostrich but admits that the image is somewhat taken out of context as she never wears the yellow dress with those stripy leggings.  The otrich is Crane’s preferred mode of transport and I can understand why – fast, automatic parking, eco-friendly. ‘I almost never wear that dress with those leggings. Can you believe it? The ostrich, of course, regularly travels with me.’ says Crane.

Christmas Honkings

Crane works with both traditional and digital methods to create these beautiful coloured and drawn images. Crane’s distinctive line work brings the drawings to life with highlights, tones and different line weights which make the illustrations jump from the paper!  The blending of colour in each image  is truly impressive. Crane’s 2012 Chrsitmas card, the Christmas Honkings (above) is a great example of vibrant colours and tones being mixed together to capture the beauty of nature.

Seashell Story

The Seashell story by Crane is a wonderful example of illustrative skill, Crane’s line work and colour is wonderful but she has also created a story within a very small space. By focusing on the core elements of the story Crane has managed to communicate the story though a select use of illustrations.

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac was commissioned by Digital Artist magazine to accompany a tutorial article that Crane wrote on colour blocking/colour theory (Issue 25). The brief was for the illustration to feature 2011 and 2012 Chinese Zodiac animals – the rabbit and the dragon! The eye catching illustration works great with the contrasting colours and tones making up the figure of the dragon and rabbits! Chinese New Year is just around the corner with 2013 being the year of the Snake.

Bryony-Crane-Sketchbook-Illustration-Tapir-Giraffe-Mothers-Day PINSO CREATIVE KNOW HOW 1 copy


Bryony Crane’s home on the web is packed full of wonderful colourful illustrations.  The Sketchbook section of the site is great with lots of Crane’s ideas and sketches being jotted down and scanned in to show the world the workings of an illustrator.  Crane is open to projects or commissions big or small and everything in between!



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