Taylor James Urban Angel

Urban Angel by Taylor James

I love it when a plan comes together‘ – this is what they must be saying at Taylor James with their amazing Urban Angel project that was conceived and produced in their London studio!  The Urban Angel project combines a number of techniques to create this visually stunning experience; live-action, photography, CGI and ‘sassy cinemagraph’.

Urban Angel Concept images

This project is amazing from two perspectives! Beautiful entertainment AND the combination of unique skills to create a super fab interaction – just looking at the concept images and sketches makes me tingle!

Urban Angel Concept images – the view from wire frame to render is a great visual.

The creative lead for the Urban Angel project was Ed Taylor who describes the initial concept “Our goal was to capture the magical feeling of fresh snow tumbling silently to earth in the dead of night as the last festive partygoers make their way home. Our urban angel character brings glamour and theatrical charm, her flowing cloak in striking contrast to the Georgian Terrace in the background. She’s riding, of course, a brightly coloured single-speed bike, as currently found tied to every lamppost here in London’s creative and technical hub, Shoreditch”

Urban Angel Concept sketches. Don’t you just love sketches?

The final result encompasses an 8,000 pixel image for press and greetings cards, which can be explored in great detail interactively on the Taylor James website here.

The Urban Angel on a single speed bike.

Its great to see the finished piece and the work and effort behind putting these amazing creative projects together! You can see more of the fab development process with images, sketches, and 3D modelling by clicking here!




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