Luke Jerram Revealing the Invisible

Dare you call this glass work beautiful? Glass Microbiology…the HIV virus.

The National Centre for Craft & Design will be exhibiting the work of Luke Jerram in Revealing the Invisible.  The exhibit opens on 2 February 2013 and closes on the 14 April 2013 so you have plenty of time to plan a visit!

Luke Jerram is an internationally respected multidisciplinary artist whose work with discreet objects, large scale public performances and installations has brought him international recognition.

Glass Microbiology continues Jerram’s exploration of clear glass rendering of viruses and bacteria at the root of the most dangerous diseases such as HIV, H1N1 and SARS. Working with virologists from the University of Bristol, Luke Jerram collaborated with specialised glassblowers to fabricate the pieces.  This beautifully crafted glass work is in stark contrast to what it represents something that brings a lot of pain and uncertainty to peoples lives which begs the question – how do we perceive this knowing what it is.


This exhibition includes works from three major series: Radiometer Chandeliers, Glass Microbiology and Rotated Data Sculptures. Its sure to be a great exhibition with lost of fascinating detail, so make sure to see it at The National Centre for Craft & Design.





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