Is there a creative diet?

Its the season to be jolly la la la lala la!  While watching Charles Dickens Christmas Carol I had a thought, its a thought that had been lingering for a while perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge was RIGHT all along! Not just right but spot on! The little things can upset the senses! An undigested piece of beef, a crumb of cheese, an underdone potato! Which brings me to the question, can what we eat effect our creativity? Is there such a thing as a creative diet?


What exactly do I mean when I say ‘can what we eat effect our creativity?’ As we are all humans and we all love food, snacks, salted and sweet, crisps, fried pizza (that’s right fired pizza!) we are all the victim of unrestrained, immoderate self-indulgence (binging) at some point in our lives.  Obviously an unhealthy diet leads to scores of medical problems but can junk food negatively impact our creativity as well? Perhaps so…


Olympic athletes like Sir Chris Hoy and Jennifer Ennis don’t break records eating burgers and chips! They break records through strict nutrition and training.  I am wondering, could this be applied to the creative industries, could practicing our creative craft be enhanced through how and when we eat.  Is there certain foods that are great for triggering hormonal, neurological mechanisms for boosting our creativity?


We all have a good idea of what foods are bad for us, chocolate, cake, chips, pizza (mmm!).  Its fair to say that most of us eat junk food in moderation but what if we refined our diets as do athletes;  would this enhance our mood, increase our creative endurance allowing us to produce more fantastic work??


Think back to when you last ate junk food or over indulged, were you left feeling tired, bolted, belching, nauseous feeling?  How can we be at our creative peak and focused on our project when we are tired, bolted, farting and feeling dizzy? How?


A balanced diet maybe the answer but could we go further and have a creative diet that is both healthy and boosts creativity.  A diet that is refined and wont be upset by the little things such as piece of beef, mouldy cheese or a sneaky underdone potato?  As creatives we are driven by our senses, our gut instincts  that little voice in your head who says strange things at inappropriate times.  So you see there’s an element of truth in what Scrooge has said that what we eat can upset out senses and perhaps send us (creatives) cascading off on some tangent all because of a mouldy piece of cheese or an underdone potato.


So just remember when you are taking that caffeine filled fizzy drink it may send you rocketing on another direction or adding some more salt to that already salty food which will make you tense and may restrict your super smooth flow.


This is a fascinating subject area and could go on forever and maybe it will! Have you experienced a creative diet good or bad? have you felt restricted or unproductive because of what you ate? Let me know, comment below!

Mmm Brussels Sprouts!  BAH! HUMBUG! Wheres the pizza! :)

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