Eyetoons by Ian Traynor is a fantastic project that was successfully funded on kickstarter.  Eyetoons is a super fun way of combining design and music! This quirky well designed and fantastically illustrated book is great fun! The idea is simple; you look at the clues and work out the song and the artist.  Check out the Eyetoons video below by Ian Traynor.

Traynor explains that he had the idea during one of those ‘designer’s block’ moments (DAM THEM!!).

I had The Beatles’ White Album playing in the background and Blackbird started playing. It struck me that it would be fun to illustrate a ‘blackbrid singing in the dead of night’, so I designed a simple illustration and posted it on Facebook.

Traynor would post his illustrations on his Facebook wall and make a weekly game of it with his friends who were getting quite competitive to who gets the correct answer first!  Honestly I can imagine the competition being fierce and fun! Someone suggested that he should publish his fun illustrations which brought him to a fully funded kickstarter project!

The published book will be 125mm X 125mm area, 100 pages of 46 music inspired illustrations produced all the way from the 60s to right now! In Traynor’s own words the book will be ‘Hand numbered, these will be litho printed on a premium, uncoated paper and perfect bound’.  Doesn’t that just sound like a great book!


Check out some of the fun music inspired design below.


Lional Richie Song here.

Elo Strange magic here.

Artic Monkeys when the sun goes down here.


The Jam – Start here.

Bee Gees Jive Talkin here.

Starship we built this city here.

Black Sabbath War Pigs here.

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