Ceramics by Jo Woffinden

RCA graduate and London based artist Jo Woffinden has created these fantastic sculptured geometric pieces.  Woffinden’s work explores the relationships between form, space, light and materiality and is influenced by architecture, in particularly the Baroque style.  Woffinden explores the unfolding of  Baroque structures, through the geometry of the shape, Woffinden has created forms with beautiful curved flowing planes and lines that break up the geometry in a coherent manner.

Woffinden has created this deceivingly simplistic form using the tactile qualities of concrete to highlight the subtle tensions between interior and exterior surfaces.  The sculptural flowing forms of the Baroque series with its perfect geometry has been offset with the texture and colour of the concrete which brings a sense of realism to the piece.  Its impenetrable modern set of surfaces with there perfectly formed edges become almost rustic in appearance with its perforations where the air was once trapped.

Inspired by the same Baroque styling Woffinden created the geometric forms using fine bone china (Baroque series II, below) which instantly changes the perception of the piece.  The material qualities of fine bone china has transformed the piece as the hard contemporary edges and soft organic curves are amplified through the reflective surfaces and smooth textured qualities of the material.

The Baroque series II looks great with its hard edges and organic flowing curves.  Its amazing to think that using traditional materials like fine bone china can change the perception of an object to a contemporary modern object with white reflective super smooth surface finishes.

Jo Woffinden works on a range of projects from public to private commission’s and regularly updates her site’s news section with the current happenings.  If you are looking for more information, a commission or a collaboration you can find Jo Woffinden here.


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