Casio G-Shock 17 years on

It’s been 17 years since I bought my very own first watch which was a yellow Casio G-Shock and it is amazing!! When I first bought the watch it was a fantastic vibrant yellow with chunky extreme styling to cope with the demands of life! I remember the experience well, as if it were yesterday.  It was 1995 (ish), I was in New York on a summer holiday and went shopping and found this awesome ‘display displaying’ these awesome Casio G-Shock watches! It was the first time I had seen a G-Shock (note to readers- I didn’t have internet at this time). Like a beacon this vibrant yellow funky looking watch signaled to me to come over and have a look! I bought it, I love this watch but unfortunately time has taken its toll and 17 years on of constant use this innovative iconic design has started to show some signs of stress.  The casing has begun to deteriorate and crack.

My beloved G-Shock! Part of the casing has cracked and fallen off while other areas show battle (life) scars around the face. I am still going to keep this watch, perhaps put it on the wall with a nice frame! Should look cool and interesting!

Before I describe my awesome experience of life with this watch lets just make sure we understand how great this watch really is.  I have worn this watch for 17 years, that’s 6205 days (pretty much everyday), that’s 74460 hours (12 hour work days); I have taken the watch off twice a day (I don’t sleep with it!) and still the buckle and strap have stayed in tack after 12410 times of buckling and unbuckling! How amazing is that!! This watch has accompanied me through cities, the freezing cold mountains of the European alps, the roasting hot mountains of Asia, beaches, planes, car accidents, bike accidents and the most dangerous of all conditions the office! Now that we understand just how great this design is, lets talk some more about how great this design is!

See!! I wasn’t lying about the strap and buckle! They’re both here, they’re both in tack and they’re both original!


The first day I wore this watch to school was epic! I felt like I had unimaginable power wielding itself around my wrist! Its bright yellow colours splendidly contrasted with black and sliver elements throughout the design created this ruggid extreme watch that would stand the test of time! People knew (suspected) that I myself was as extreme as the watch whether that’s true-hmm not sure.  As the years passed people would often still ask me ‘is that the same watch that you had in school?’, of course it was!

17 years of dirt and grim have embedded themselves to the strap but its still in good condition although its not the same yellow it was when I bought it!


What I loved about this watch was that all this great looking style, colour and buffers were made to protect the watch, to make it almost indestructible!  The watch mechanism floats inside the watch casing, protecting it from shock as well as cushioning materials around sensitive areas.   The hollow-structure case developed by Casio to create the shock absorbing properties of a G-Shock watch is fantastic as it allows the watch to have a high strength to weight ratio.  Whats also cool about my watch is that I can only remember changing the battery twice in 17 years! Thats 2 batteries in 6205 days!

‘SHOCK RESISTANT’ I love these fantastic absorbing layers underneath the watch! They’re great and do make a difference ! I also love the big ‘G’ in the centre!

I feel that the design of the watch is timeless, it didn’t get old, it got cooler! Its form following function perfection, built to last, a timeless design! Now you will see these G-Shocks in vintage clothing shops although I don’t view it as a vintage item, I view it as a funky looking design!  The same funky functional style can be seen in present day G-Shocks with their shock resistant solar powered atomic time keeping (wow) but I really love this one!!


This is a awesome example of product design and innovation! Be Inspired!





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