Ax Wielding Octopus

AAAHHHH!!! The Ax Wielding Octopus!! Imagine for a second…the octopus is chasing you, this is scary in itself but then you realise that some of those many arms are wielding axes!! Hunting you down!! Then what? Well…then you realise – its a cute creation by Japanese maker Hiné Mizushima.

Mizushima was born and raised in Japan where she worked as a designer and illustrator.  Since her days in Tokyo she has lived in Rome, Paris, NYC and Vancouver – wow that’s a lot inspiration places to have lived! Currently Mizushima is a slow crafter, needlefelter, and stop-motion puppet animation video artist as well as octopus ‘monster’ creator!

This ‘scary’ Axe wielding Octopus is one of the latest collections of felt sculptures by Mizushima which have  been exhibited in galleries in NYC, LA and Tokyo among other metropolitan cities!

This fantastic little octopus can be bought from Mizushima’s Etsy handmade shop which has lots of other interesting creations including a squid, Ectoplasm and the Octosnake!



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