Yummy Packaging

Natalia Lozano a graduate of Gray’s School of Art has created this fantastically yummy packaging titled Eat n Gone! Lozano was motivated to reduced waste in the catering trade and began with tackling take-away packaging!  While munching that snack don’t forget to eat you the packaging!

Using a tortilla as a wrapper instead of using a cardboard alternative creates an eco-friendly yummy way to hold your snacks.  The products are designed with eating on the go and Lozano envisions the design being sold in cafes, delis and outdoor events such as music festivals.  If you are feeling full before you can devour the entire packaging that’s no problems as it is a tortilla it can be easily composted.

The application of the packaging is versatile as can be seen from the images, Lozano has hinted at the applications through the form of the packaging as well as displaying the commercial value of the product with text, illustrations and branding being displayed on the packaging.  Edible branding! mmm…

 Cones! Not just for Ice cream!

Its not just for cold savory snacks either the packaging can be used for hot foods too!  It would be great to see this type of packaging design being taken up by restaurants, it would look quite fitting in Leon Restaurants with its healthier food choices and sustainable principles!

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