Why we are using Dropbox

At Pinso we have decided to start using Dropbox, why? There’s lots of reasons, one reason is its easy to access  our images from the one location! Pinso is based in the UK, Europe and Asia – that’s a lot of emails and file sharing but if we use Dropbox we can have all our images and documents at a handy location for us all! As creatives involved in design, jewellery, photography, film making, furniture designing, textiles, fashion etc we need lots of images for inspiration and most importantly to show people our great ideas! If we have a picture of our great idea stored on Dropbox then we can access it wherever we are from our phones, tablets and laptops, this way you wont miss any great opportunities that might come your way.

Here are some scenarios that could happen to your lovely piece of tech that stores your lovely images!

Dog Vs Computer, the dog always wins! Just imagine your precious images that you have created destroyed by pee, the dog not knowing the implications of his ‘achievement’ gracefully walks away triumphant and happy.

The Karate smart phone! Yes that’s right, your smart phone has become so confident that it enters a Karate competition. Then what? Well you would have your golden images stored on Dropbox so it might be better to take the laptop that day!

Ah! The melting computer! This may not be an entirely accurate representation of what happens when your computer gives up and dies but the principle remains the same, keep your images and documents safe.

The snapping tablet, imagine the sound of all your photographs, snap shoots gone! Like a cracker breaking in two, gone in an instant!

Some of you may have lived through the drama of the scenarios above and some may be fortune enough to have avoided them.  The reason we find Dropbox useful is having key images and/or text of you fantastic creations is opportunistic. You may bump into a supplier, producer, super duper tycoon who wants to see your furniture, jewellery, prints, movies etc, you can easily access them and wow them right off there feet!  Dropbox is free up to 2GB which is great for people just starting out! Check out the Dropbox video here.

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