UK’s Top Cartoonist Corban Wilkin

Corban Wilkin, an illustration graduate from Middlesex University has won the Comica Graphic Short Story Prize 2012 with his fantastic four page story titled- ‘But I cant’!  This years competition was tight with many amazing entries including the work of Steve Tillotson ‘I, Yeti’.

Wilkin’s ‘But I Cant’ is a story about friendship, obsession and alien landings! Sounds great! The tipping point of Wilkin’s story was the use of colour in the illustrations which was achieved through a combination of Indian ink and watercolour as well as how his characters grow from children to adults in just four pages!

Winning compeitions is great! But so is the prize money! Wilkin will be going home with £1,000, glory and a prosperous future!

Wilkin had entered the competition four years in row and didn’t expected to win this time around as the standard was so high! “It’s exciting to have won the biggest comic competition in the UK. Our lecturers at Middlesex used to encourage us to enter competitions so I’ve entered the competition for the past four years, but didn’t expect to win as the standard is so high.” said Wilkin.

You can read the whole story here.  The winners of the 2012 competition as well as the winners of the past 5 years will be on display at the Foyles Gallery from the 4th November – so get a good look at these fantastic illustrations in the flesh!




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