Textile Lighting Design

Check out this amazing Textile Lighting Design by Gemma Fernandes.  Fernandes is pushing the definition of textiles to its limits by introducing and exploring  different combinations of materials to create fascinating looking pieces!  Mesh, wood and even cocktail sticks have been used in Fernandes latest creations.

On the Surface

These fantastic vivid sculpted objects look great! Fernandes inspiration came from fish fins which can be seen through the shape, colour and form of each individual piece and how it is layered one on top of the other!  The different overlapping layers create a sense of play and varies the light being passed through the piece.

On the Surface

The sharp bold structures offset by the striking colours creates an interesting and exciting edge to interior spaces!  These objects with their striking forms and colours indefinitely create an exciting and intriguing atmosphere within a space.

Skeletal Structures

Fernandes studies into fish go beyond the scaly surface, Fernandes researched the fish skeleton (no easy task!) and was inspired by the organic forms of the skeleton structure.  Fernandes manipulated the best properties of materials and structures to create these organic yet abstract forms.  Looking for some more info on how Gemma Fernandes created these great sculpted objects? Or do you just want one? Check out her site here.



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