Sleeping Beauty Costume Design

Sleeping Beauty by Sarah Fuller.

These fantastic costume designs are the work of costume designer Sarah Fuller, the colours, the textures and the layers of these costumes are great! Fuller follows her own philosophy that costumes should not distract from a story but enhance it.

Sleeping Beauty by Sarah Fuller.

When creating these fantastic costumes inspired by the tale Sleeping Beauty; Fuller wanted to play on the oldness of the tale and used faded fabrics, vintage lace, bleaching, tea staining, lace stenciling & scrunching, all collective creating an air of opulence that fairy tales encompass.  The methods used to create these costume is a lot just to read, image doing it!

From the images one can see the extent at which colour, texture, detailing and layering has be used by Fuller to create these fantastic designs. Fuller’s ideas and fascination with unusual textiles and fabrics often led to her fantastic creations. Silk satin, velvet and chiffon are all major inspirations to Fuller during the designing and making process of costumes. There’s a strong use of colour throughout the Sleeping Beauty collection, ‘My motivation has a strong emphasis on colour, and an exciting collection of coloured cloth can make my stomach flip with joy!’ Enthusiasm loves enthusiasm!

The Unicorn by Sarah Fuller and Samantha Williamson.

Fuller’s main interest lies in film, this introduces a new set of dynamics to the costume as it will be seen in close up shots – the detail has got to be good! The surface pattern design and textures can create a depth of richness to the overall costume helping to enhance the mood of the situation which is something that Fuller is well aware of and exploits throughout her designs.  The images featured above and below are from The Unicorn collection in which Fuller collaborated with a fantastic textile designer named Samantha Williamson.  The intricate surface patterns on The Unicorn collection were design by Williamson while as part of her collaboration with Fuller.

The Unicorn by Sarah Fuller and Samantha Williamson.

Fuller has an impressive depth of understanding of costume design noting that although costume design is her primary motivation she understands the importance of a background concept. Coherence within the costume collection clearly communicates the mood and setting of the characters and so Fuller ensures that her designs come from a underlying theme based on the story. ‘I often employ a similar colour palate and throughout, with emphasis on certain fabrics and shapes which I think will complement the concept’ says Fuller.


Another great attribute of Sarah Fuller and the Sleeping Beauty collection is the collaboration between creative disciplines employed to create these fanatsic images.  Fuller worked with multiple creatives working on her strenthgs and their strengths.  See credits here: Photos: Porubszky, Stylist: Karla von Denkoff, Moodsfactory: MUA, Hair: Kay McGregor, Models: Tanya Pastfield & Caitlin Curran, Collaboration: The Unicorn  Samantha Williamson



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