Reform Lane

Reform Lane is a clothing and homeware collection brought to you by a fantastic young designer named Sarah Laurenson. Reform Lane has launched a stunningly elegant range of silk accessories created in the Shetland Isles and Edinburgh and titled simply as Collection #1.

In February 2011 during a visit to Paris Laurenson visited some of France’s most revered ateliers which was the motivational catalyst for Laurenson to dive in and start Reform Lane.  On returning from Paris inspired and full of energy Laurenson embarked on the design process that took her out into the beautiful natural environment of the isles triggering the beginning of Collection #1.

Collection #1 is rendered in the twilight colours of the seascape of the far north, each piece hinting at its inspirations and origins.

The natural landscape of the Shetland isles with its extreme but beautiful weather provided the perfect inspiration! Each piece of Collection #’1 carries the story of its origins.  Look carefully and you will see the delicate handmade constructions with its highlighted thread, cut away’s, contrasting materials and hand dyed silk.

Sara Laurenson has worked endlessly on studying, researching and experimenting with textiles and continues to do so while creating the Reform Lane Collections.  Before Reform Lane, Laurenson studied at Glasgow Caledonia University and graduated with a first class degree in fashion and business, complementing her first degree she studied Dress History at Edinburgh University giving her a wealth of knowlegde and skills!

Laurenson is a very productive creative and has worked with many great companies including Maison Martin Margiela and Lu Flux, her work has also been on display at the Moscow Fashion Week and so it seems a natural step forward for her to create her own collections through the Reform Lane brand.  We can expect to see a lot more of these fascinating and beautiful collections from Reform Lane but if you simply just need to get your hands on one now you can check out the Reform Lane online shop here.

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