Graffiti Fun with the Inside Out Lamp

Look at this amazing lamp! Draw on this amazing lamp! Have fun and go nuts on this amazing lamp! And don’t worry, you wont get in trouble for drawing on the furniture…your suppose too.  Lin Yu-Nung‘s has designed this playful and fun lamp title ‘Inside Out Lamp’.  The lamp encourages kids (and adults) to draw all over it! The lamp is wrapped in a polycarbonate sheet that can be covered in original art work and then simply erased so that you can start again! Sounds Fun! ‘Adults are always playing the dominant role in terms of interior design’ – says Yu-Nung.

The lamp is beautifully presented with its well finished wood base and stem topped off with a simple elegant circular white lamp shade, it is this contrast that makes the Inside Out Lamp so interesting as it appeals to both children and adults.  The lamp shade can be drawn on from both inside and outside the lamp shade surfaces.

The lamp itself can be tilted, another fun interactive feature that is possible through Yu-Nung well designed lamp base.  As can be seen from the pictures this fantastic lamp creates intrigue in both adults and children!  It would seem that being presented the opportunity to write on a piece of furniture is hard to resist.

Look at these adults, acting childish! And loving it!



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