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Richard Gamester is a jewellery designer maker that has a constant compulsion to create and explore! Gamester’s Modernist approach to design seeks to finely tune form & function creating beautiful, elegant and functional objects.  Gamester explores, experiments and refines different materials and designs to suit a purpose. Gamester explains ‘I like to explore and work in many different materials, combining them to create meaningful, sophisticated pieces’.

Tea Infuser

The SpecialiTea (image top) is a fantastic example of Gamester work with inspirations coming from the combination of English and Japanese tea drinking styles to create a beautifully simple design allowing the users to focus on the moment.  The tea infuser (above) by Richard Gamester is great with its simple forms, the colours and textures create a complementing relationship between the cork and the polished perforated metal infuser.

Lava Trilogy

LAVA! Yes lava, Gamester’s curiosity of material brought him to design and create the Lava Trilogy that saw him exploring and experimenting with different materials creating these fantastic new designs! The combination of textures, polished metals and quartz create a stunning design with different layers of materiality.

The polished vibrant violet colour of the amethyst contrasts beautifuly with the polished silver which is then offset with the textured light absorbing lava element.  Gamester believes that the function of the design should never be over shadowed by the form and by creating this fascinating balance of materials in the Lava collection Gamester has managed to adhere to these principles despite the complexity of design and making process.

The second installment of the Lava Trilogy, this piece simply highlights the design with materials by using polished reflective silver offset by the highly textured lava creating a simple visually stunning unique ring. Click here to see the third and final installment of the Lava Trilogy.


As a designer maker Gamester is constantly exploring new materials and techniques. Gamester dose not restrict himself to just the one area of design but moves into other areas such condiments dishes which allows him to flex his creativity in different ways.  The CondiKulho by Gamester are beautifully present condiment dishes, the base is made from soapstone shell while the interior bowls made from gilded silver that creates a very elegant contrast of material and shape.





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