Ceramic Form

Look at these fantastic ceramic creations made by artist Keith Varney.  Form, line, texture and the interaction of light, shade and colour is what makes these fantastic handmade ceramic forms so interesting!  Varney draws inspiration for the forms of his ceramics from the natural world, the material qualities of clay as well as the process of making itself.

Corrugated Porcelain collection

These ceramic pieces are fascinating with the blend of curved and linear forms produce variations in the light,colour and texture. Porcelains translucent and light properties continue to drive Varney’s exploration of the material by working with it as if it were paper.  Varney explains the process of ‘Folding along curved lines and joining the forms from corrugated sheets, creating tensioned and gently curved surfaces, using techniques borrowed from my background in both cabinet making and fine metals’.  These are visually stunning pieces that clearly required great skill to manipulate the material into the forms with such detail and quality.

Corrugated Porcelain collection

Below is thrown porcelain vessels, with freely cut facets contrasting with tightly controlled turned surfaces. Varney has incorporated techniques to create a surface that integrates with form, textures and edges creating varying depths of colour.

Varney applies a variety of techniques when creating, below is the thrown slip textured porcelain vessels.  The contrasting smooth coloured interior surface of the vessel is offset by the pure white porcelain textured exterior surface creating a very beautifully balanced object of colour and texture.

Keith Varney applies traditional crafts with digital technologies such as rapid prototyping and 3D software to further explore and develop his inspirations.


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