Weird and Wonderful

Looking for an interesting piece of jewellery?  Have a look at this weird and wonderful jewellery created by Kate Gilliland.  Look closely at Gilliland’s work and you’ll be wondering, is this real? Well of course it is! Gilliland’s work instantly creates curiosity and wonder! The jewellery is created by using found dead animals, Gilliland treasures each animal that she comes across while out looking for inspiration.  Creating jewellery from dead animals gives new life to the creation by preserving a piece of history for the future says Gilliland.

Gold Crab Claws

 You may be wondering why Kate creates jewellery from dead animals and it is because one day she found a dead blackbird in the middle of her path.  Gilliland recalls it being ‘perfectly still and lifeless’.  Gilliland saw beauty in the moment of death and wanted to preserve this once living creatures story to remind people of the beauty of nature.

A little Frog

When making these fantastically unusual pieces of jewellery Kate uses a variety of casting techniques to ensure that the beauty of the objects is portrayed.  Gilliland has won a number of awards for her fascinating and unusual work and this year has set up her design studio titled Quarter Studios in which she collaborates with other innovative jewellery designers.  The Quarter Studios group recently collaborated on the launch of the collective at Sara Preisler Gallery in Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

Femur Bone ring.

If you are in London from the 31st October and looking for Death related interests then great news! Gilliland will be stocking a collection of her work at the Welcome Collection Museum shop which corresponds nicely with the exhibition about Death.

Monkey Skull


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