The Exquisite Forest

This Exquisite Forest! Be part of this fantastic global art collaboration!

The Exquisite Forest is an online collaborative art project that lets users create short animations that build and branch off another as they explore a specific theme.  What’s so great about this is that it is open to everyone on the web and that hundreds if not thousands of hours of unique content can be created to form one fantastic piece of art.  The project was created by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin along with Google’s Creative Lab and The Tate.


The Exquisite Forest at the Tate Modern London.

The Exquisite Forest was inspired by the Surrealism creative exercise Exquisite Corpse in which several people compose a sentence or drawing by contributing one word or section at a time.  The one fundamental different of the modern exquisite corpse is that people are explicitly aware of the content contributed by others as well as following specific instructions from the creator of each tree.

To become part of this fantastic project you will need a Google account this is so that each creators work can be attributed to them as well as keeping all your contributions clean and tidy and save your work as you progress. Giving the nature of the art being produced the rules state that the site uses a Creative Commons License which allows users to use and adapt your artwork.

This fantastic exhibition was created by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin who were approached by the Tate to create an interesting and exciting drawing project to involve the wider art community in creating great projects.  The end result of this design will be fantastic!


Go today and create a tree!!

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