June Morrison Glass Artist

We are happy to introduce this fantastic and fascinating looking Glass work by June Morrison.  Motivated by humans fundamental need to make connections Morrison began exploring these connections through glass and ceramics.  Morrison aims to make these complex relationships tangible and begins by sculpting two forms that interact and converse with each other, one being bone China and the other glass. The two materials convey different messages, the glass produces a sense of power while the bone China explores the fragile and complex nature of these connections. Morrison’s glass objects explore these complex connections while producing them in their most simplest forms.

These two forms produce a harmonious relationship in the marriage between the cast blue glass suggestive of a masculine form while the white delicate wheel cut bone China suggests a feminine form. The materials create a beautiful union of both forms, a marriage of materials as one piece envelopes the other.

In ‘separation’ a fragment of the fractured bone China pulls away, yet clings to a solid piece of glass. This indicates that the harmonious union has now come to an end, the connection is broken but there is still memory of these past connections deep routed in both materials.

The ‘longing’ is a fantastic expression of form with the bone China egg being encapsulated by a simple solid glass form. The longing expresses a material connection that stems from regret when time grows short as well as the anticipation of one yet to be born.

Whats great about the materials chosen by Morrison is that they are raw simple materials, they share a common experience in sculpture and they share very similar journeys from the kiln to finishing. The connection may not be clear at first but Morrison explains as humans we share very common beginnings but in the end our individual journeys make us unique.  What a great way to look at life.

Morrison is very hands on while working with a variety of materials to explore their limits and applications. Through making Morrison relishes in the knowledge collected while working with materials, the techniques used by Morrison have equal importance to her concepts in developing meaning and beautiful objects.


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