Jump From Paper

YES! the answer to your question is…YES! They are real bags!!


These fantastic colourful, quirky and cartoony bags are very real! Made by JumpFromPaper, these amazing looking bags are the perfect combination of fashion and fun!  JumpFromPaper is a new, fun, funky and experimental company lead by two fun, funky and experimental designers who are Chay Su and Rika Lin from Taiwan.  Su and Lin designed these bags and made JumpFromPaper because life is just too serious ‘ Life does not need to be that serious. People are born to have fun!’  Su and Lin take joy in creating products that trick our visual perspective into viewing the bags in a 2D appearance, as humans, we know it should look a certain way but Su and Lin have added humour to fashion, made us think -is this real? played on our perspective, and made us smile in confusion!

Incredible! This bag looks like it comes from The Simpsons! But its real! The thick black outlines, solid colour and design trick your perception into thinking this is definitely a cartoon bag! Hand drawn on a piece of paper, flat! But its real!  Su and Lin drew on their love of cartoons (Super Radical Gag Family being their favourite) to design these bags for JumpFromPaper.

See! The bag in use, these fun looking bags are perfectly functional and are actually made from canvas.  Designers Su and Lin came up with the idea of designing and producing bags when they where out one day shopping for…bags.  They wanted to design and produce bags for themselves, what they thought was cool and stylish which resulted in these unique funky looking bags.

Have you ever stored your iPad in anything like this before? JumpFromPaper has a full range of bags to accommodate your personal effects. Its a nice contrast between the High Tech Apple iPad with its contemporary design being stored in a funky fun 2D bag with its black thick outlines!

If we hadn’t told you already – would you have known that this is a real bag? Its got to be one of the coolest iPad cases out there!  For our UK readers keep an eye on the high street for Jump From Paper, it will be coming soon but if you cant wait they do have an online shop.

Have a look at this cute little bag with its funky neon blue design and hooped handle! Wonderful and confusing to see this 2 dimensional bag being used in a 3 dimensional way!

The JumpFromPaper suitcase bag!

Hopefully JumpFromPaper will make full size suitcases! Imagine picking up this funky looking suit case from the conveyor belt! You would have no trouble in finding your bag, we just need to wait and hope.

The satchel, what would Indiana Jones have done without his handy satchel to store priceless treasures! This Orange and white satchel looks great! This satchel with its bold outlines and colours breaks the tradition of simple looking satchels.


The JumpFromPaper Satchel.


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