James Dowdell and the Power Flower

The Happy Power Flower

James Dowdell and the Power Flower! Dowdell is a fantastic new designer who has created this fascinating twist on energy meters! No more boring numbers, graphs or displays tucked away somewhere that will be forgotten about.  The Power Flower is an energy meter with a difference! Dowdell had designed the Power Flower to be a desirable object, something that people would want in their homes and living environments.  Its an interesting blend of form following function that produces a contemporary styled and unique energy meter.

The Sad Power Flower

So how do we use the Flower Power? When the Power Flower is in a vertical position it is happy with a bright light being emitted as low energy is being used, when the power flower is slumped over it is sad and the light produced by the Flower Power diminishes as there is high energy consumption. Using the familiar body language of flowers standing tall in the sun and slumped over in the shade produce visual cues of our energy usage.  Using behavioural patterns of flowers in an attractive visual setting makes people more aware of their energy consumption without having to resort to numbers, graphs and displays.


The Power Flower Schematic

Dowdell’s Flower Power is a great product to help people save energy and untimely money.  Dowdell describes the project as evolving as part of a sustainable design theory, he believes that humans are not inherently wasteful, ‘Most of us would like to behave more sustainably, its just the products and systems available don’t help us to do this’ says Dowdell.  Designing products that make it convenient for people to be more sustainable at every level will reduce our environmental impact.  Creating the Flower Power was no easy task, the form of the design presented various engineering challenges.

The detailed physical construction of the Power Flower and the design solutions in creating the phototropic movement can be viewed at the Power Flower blog.

The Flower Power was the result of a design collaboration of James Dowdell’s creative thinking and Callum Kiss’s mechanical skills combined to produce a great product! This is a great step forward in producing products that work with human behaviour to create better eco-friendly environmental systems and products.

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