George Braham Designer


The Life Ring

New Designer George Braham has designed an interesting alternative to the classic water rescue Life Ring.  While researching the life ring Braham had noted a number of areas that could be improved, firstly the design has remained largely unchanged in the last one hundred years and secondly the life ring design was never intended to be thrown a great distance.  Today’s guidelines state that a life raft should be thrown up to 25 metres to preform a land based rescue.  Braham tested this and concluded that the maximum distance that could be achieved by a fit and healthy individual was 12 metres, less than half the distance, recognising the problem Braham set about improving the design.

The Lifebuoy with its chunky anchor styled design tethered with a Ripstop Nylon band.

Braham felt that a radical overhaul of the life ring method would require re-educating the public on a new product which may lead to confusion and delay in an emergency situation.  Wisely Braham opted for a design that would involve simple motor skills so that people would instinctively know how to use the LifeBuoy.  The LifeBuoy was designed on basic principles of throwing an object into the water and retrieving the casualty by reeling them in – think of the actions used by a fishermen.  The LifeBuoy’s form works for both leverage when throwing as well as being easily grabbed and held onto by a casualty in the water.  Braham had noticed that the circular shape of the life ring makes it difficult to find your way into the centre of the ring during a struggling situation and so designed a chunky anchor shaped object that can be easily grabbed and held onto.

The LifeBuoy easy access storage case.

The life ring and LifeBuoy have fundamental differences in their uses, a life ring is intended to keep a casualty afloat in the water while the LifeBuoy is designed to remove the casualty as quickly as possible from the water minimising the chances of hypothermia.  How does the LifeBuoy compare to the life ring under testing conditions? The prototype testing concluded that the LifeBuoy consistently out preformed the life ring reaching a maximum distance of 27 metres and landing within 1.5 metres of the target.


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