Fresh Sense Taiwan

For anyone who missed it, Fresh Sense Taiwan was exhibiting for the first time at Tent London celebrating Taiwan’s creative industry.  The show featured 18 of Taiwan’s top creative studios which include KEV Design Studio, 22 Design Studio and DESIGNBURG.  The fantastic welcoming and energetic pavilion was designed by o/i Studio and Phalanx Creative.  The pavilion’s design strikes a delicate  balance between contemporary styling and tradition with its warm welcoming colours and suspended bamboo forest (a symbol of good fortune!) offset by sleek white surfaces and designed lightening.

Taiwan’s creative industry is a melting pot of innovative design and style, the country is ideally positioned for design studios as it allows easy access to prototyping, manufacturing and making processes – so lucky! oh! and on the topic of ideal locations Taiwan is a beautiful tropical island – so lucky!

Taiwan’s designers have been building on their heritage and age old craftsmanship to produce these fantastic contemporary designs.  These design studios are reviving and reinventing traditional techniques while developing innovative steps forward in design.

As well as the great designers featured at Fresh Sense Taiwan, Pinso has featured many fantastic Taiwanese designers such as JUMPFROMPAPERKenkie Chiu and Austin Yang with his iPad Typewriter.  We are sure Taiwan’s booming creatives will continue to produce fantastic work in the future and we cant wait to see it!

Wondering who was featuring at Fresh Sense Taiwan? Heres the designers –
22 Design Studio, a.m ideas, acdesign associates International, COKOKASA Lighting, DESIGNBURG, Freeform International, Grass Studio, GreenRoom, Haoshi Design, Homer Concept, HU & DHH Studio, KEV Design Studio, KIMU design, MisoSoupDesign, Pinyen Creative, Si-Yi Design, Soul Fun Design, and Yenwen Tseng Design Studio.




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