bespoke innovations

Before 2010 there was little or no interest in the aesthetics of prosthetic limbs, they were made to be purely functional however…since 2010 Bespoke Innovations have been over turning the perception of prosthetic limbs by introducing their ‘fairing’ designs.  The beautifully designed fairing panels fit over the prosthetic leg structure which instantly changes the perception of the prosthetic limb from a mechanical functional object to a piece of functional beauty.

The San Francisco based company uses 3D scanning and printing technology to create the most precise dimensions and design for each customer’s individual requirements.  The fairings are personalised through a number of techniques which include etching and embellishments designed to reflect each customer’s personal style.

Scott Summit, founder, chief technology officer and industrial designer at Bespoke Innovations had been experimenting with prosthetics before teaming up with Ken Trauner orthopaedic surgeon.  This fantastic complimenting collaboration received a small round of series A funding in 2009 and got started working on the fairing designs for eager customers, the rest is history!

“It looks great when I’m on my bike!” James, Bespoke Innovations Customer

Bespoke Innovations clients include motorcycle accident casualties as well as a growing number of veterans.  “Many of the soldiers we work with are ideal candidates, since they’re often younger, full of personal style and eager to show the world their new hardware,” Summit said

“I love my Fairing because it’s a conversation piece. When I go out, people will tend to ask me about my leg. I am a representative for people with disabilities.” Chad, Bespoke Innovations Customer

The fairings produced by Bespoke Innovation look fantastic! The panels are durable and snap on and off the prosthesis for easy usage, the design allows people with prosthetic limbs to feel a sense of normality as well as introducing the cool factor produced through the highly personalised designs.


This is a fantastic example of how design can have a massive impact on peoples lives! These great designs not only look good they are changing peoples lives! We cant wait to see what’s next for this fantastic life changing company!

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