Peter Kindt Furniture

 The ASK Console Table, simple, linear and natural looking.

We are catching up with Peter Kindt Furniture designer maker, we have written about Peter Kindt’s fantastic designs before with Anyone for Coffee?  Kindt has been hard at work with some new fabulous design creations, the two designs featured in today’s post are very different but both very brilliant!  Both pieces were commissions which is great to see  graduates making fantastic creations and being paid for it! Adding to the good news for Peter Kindt, Timothy Mark furniture sellers have the RAW Chest of Drawers by Peter Kindt in store!

The ASK Console table is made from French Walnut and Sycamore.

The most striking features of The ASK Console is its simple, horizontal, vertical lines meeting at sharp concise 90 degree angles creating a stunningly beautiful and timeless piece of furniture that still looks like a natural piece of furniture.  What’s interesting when looking at the ASK Console is its delicate contemporary styling that amplifies the French Walnut timber, a feature that Kindt intended to portray in the design of the furniture.

The ASK Console.

A great image depicting the sharp linear lines meeting precisely to form a miter joint. The simplicity in this piece of furniture really is stunning, there is no decoration for decoration sake, each piece of wood, each cut, each join has been made intentionally to focus attention on the beauty of the grain of the wood.  Further high-lightening the beauty of the natural wood as well as offsetting the contemporary striking geometry of the furniture Kindt deliberately embellished the holes made by burrowing insects and a large not thus elaborating that this furniture is made from solid wood.

Hidden Drawers!

Drawers! What a useful feature to add to this already stunning table.  Carving grip grooves on the underside of the drawers allow them to be opened without the use of a handle.  Installing a handle would interrupt the flow of the linear lines on this piece of furniture as well as obscuring the beautiful natural French Walnut and Sycamore wood.  The drawers are traditionally fitted and dont require the now common metal runners which maximises the usable drawer space.

The drawers accurate fitment creates a flush finish making them near invisible further enhancing the appeal of the whole piece.


SAW Desk.

 SAW Desk made from Oak with Walnut detailing

Another fantastic piece made by Kindt is the SAW Desk.  The SAW Desk’s distinctive timber top has be salvaged from a 200 year old English Oak, this rare piece of wood measures over 1.3 meters at its widest point.  Kindt took special care when working with this piece of rare timber to preserve the beautiful markings, Burrs were left in their naturally adulating state adding to the tactile quality of the surface texture.

English Oak table top contrasted with the saw horse structure.

Contrasting with the old English Oak table top is the simple clean lined table legs which have been based on a saw horse structure.  The contrasts between top and bottom compliments the mix between organic and contemporary styling.

SAW Desk Detail.

The edges of the SAW Desk have been left in there natural state, the natural intricate markings left by the bark create a truly unique and organic desk.  The image above portrays the power features of this table with the linear legs rising upwards towards the natural table top.

Great Work!

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