Little Red Shop

Amelia Smith of the Little Red shop has created this amazing collection of handmade jewellery,  Smith got in contact through our Get GREEN or DIE section and we are glad she did! Just look at these fantastic designs!  Little Red’s has an ever changing array of great jewellery designs that are made from reclaimed materials such as recycled packaging,old postage stamps and maps.

Check out these Cufflinks that are  made from original 1933 sheet music for ‘Serenade your Sweetheart in the Moonlight’.

Smith creates stylish unique jewellery that everyone can afford, as Little Reds jewellery is made using vintage stamps, maps and scraps your definitely getting something unique as well as a cool piece of history.  All the jewellery is hand-made by Smith using various techniques to create these visually stunning pieces of jewellery, you wont break the bank to buy these individually designed pieces as Smith prices Little Red jewellery to be affordable.

Earrings made from a vintage German postage stamp with Berlin postmark

Love stamps? Check out these great vintage German postage stamp earrings, there great with there vivid bright colours, and detailed calligraphy.  Using vintage stamps further adds to the uniqueness of this jewellery – its going to be very difficult to get another set of earrings like this!

Made from an airmail (Par Avion) stamp.

This air mail stamp looks great as a urban brooch, the basic spread of horizontal colours and text ads a retro theme to this design! Is this an 1980’s Air Mail Stamp?

The Ski Jumper! Made from a vintage Russian postage stamp.

These jewellery designs look great! Some old school vintage materials being reborn!  Remember Little Reds jewellery is one of a kind so if you see something you like, be quick!

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