Designer Kenkie Chiu born in the city of rain (no, not Glasgow), Keelung in Taiwan, has created these really interesting seasoning and spice set.  Chiu designs products in way that expresses humour, function and with this particular design…instincts!  Chiu exhibited this fantastic and unique design at Taiwan Designers week early this month.

The most striking characteristics of the design is the texture and elegant flowing form of the set.The colour and granular texture has been deliberately designed to reflect the contents of the jar, the white granular shaker looks to be salt.  Chiu enjoys designing products that play with peoples intincts and perceptions of how people see objects. With this design Chiu has created an object that instinctively triggers a thought that indicates this is salt and pepper which is achieved through texture and colour.  Chiu exploits the ‘power of suggestion’ to create curiosity and intrigue in the design.

The image above shows the working process of design, the evaluation of the design, the prototypes and the learning curve to the finished piece.  Note from left to right the design becomes more refined as the design progressed to a beautifully refined object.


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