Joanna Corney Textile Designer

Joanna Corney Textile Designer has created a great series of bags, cushions and wallpapers which are for sale!  Corney design style is illustrative and detailed, her designs portray a story through the prints typically with a fun and quirky elements to them! What’s great about the illustrations is that they are inspired by Corney’s love of traveling and so the designs capture the uniqueness of different cities and their architecture.  Corney uses traditional techniques to create her designs, this adds the human touch and also makes each design and illustration unique.  Screen Printing and hand sketching is Corneys favourite techniques.


Brighton Pavilion 

The hand drawn detail façade of the Brighton Pavilion is great to look at with its hundreds of windows, tiles, columns and many domes!  Corney produces these prints in a variety of colours.  Its fantastic to see illustrators printing made to order wallpapers with such enthusiasm! Corney staying true to her traditional techniques hand pulls this wall paper making each design and each roll unique.


Passing By 

Another great wall paper and cushion combination showing beautiful hand drawn figures with the odd bicycle here and there and splashes of colour dotted throughout the print.  We can’t help but think that we would like to start colouring in the people on this wall paper

City Streets

Corney’s City Streets Wallpaper and cushion design is great, a light hearted and fun looking illustration that is emphasised through a selection of upbeat colours!  The hand drawn traditional signs and lampposts give a nostalgic but fun look to these illustrations!

Check out Joanna Corneys site here.


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