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Check out this amazing work by Manchester based Designer Maker & Artist Hannah Lovett, Lovett applies a number of methods and practices to create her fantastically detailed designs!  Lovett uses her work as way of combining art, design, and craftsmanship to create wonderful iconic pieces.  Her work looks fantastic and conceptual, by applying contemporary techniques and fresh thinking creates these fantastic looking works!


Lovett was inspired by her earlier work ‘Stonegate 35’ to create this great looking piece that was created using glass.  Rebirths underpinnings is to explore the ‘inheritance’ of material and idea.  Rebirth is made from salvaged glass to create a fantastic piece, it also conveys a message that new forms can be created from old.  In time we hope more people will realise that using reclaimed material can be a great way to preserve the environment and enhance the history of your project.


A beauty of a detail – Rebirth.


Stonegate 35.

Stonegate 35 is not only a great piece it also has fantastic heritage! York Museum donated to Hannah Lovett a collection of Victorian stained glass from their archives which was salvaged from the Stained Glass studio of John Ward Knowles, Stonegate 1838-1931.  She describes the work as having ‘ a sense of place, journeys and destination.


Lovett used ceramic decals, mapping the streets surrounding the glass studio and so the notion of distortion and progression are conveyed.  The maps were then fired onto the individual glass components and then stretched and contorted  in the flame so that the lines are barely visible.

Stonegate in detail.


Check out this great image from Hannah Lovett’s Gold Digger collection, it is inspired by the kaleidoscopic geometry found in the choreography of early films of Busby Berkley in the 1930s.  You can see the rest of these fantastic creations and others at Hannah Lovett site, check it out here.



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