The Parts needed to build, can you see the smiling face in this photo?


Bike builder Uula Jero has created some amazing amazing bikes! Jero builds all sorts of bikes out of all sorts of materials!


Normally buying a bicycle involves a trip (usually by car) to a shop and at that shop you would see a huge selection of bicycles in all the colours of the rainbow and obviously you would pick the best bike in the shop (that you can afford).  Jero’s perspective of bicycles is far different! far far different, Jero builds his own bespoke bicycles (and accessories) out of things he finds, like broomsticks, bolts and sometimes discarded bicycles.  Jero hopes that others will take up building their own bicycles out of reclaimed materials and has started ‘The Peoples Utility Bicycle Project’, part of this project involves Jero building cargo-bearing and multiple-passenger bikes.  Have a nosey at his site toolsforsimplelife to see the instructions on building a bike in full.


The tools needed to build the bike!


Jero explains that he would like to empower people to build their own bicycles as alternatives to cars and by showing people how to create their own bikes will hopefully inspire them to do just that.  Jero’s criteria for viable alternatives to motorised vehicles are that bikes should be able to carry a load and a passenger meaning that errands can be done without the use of a motorised vehicle.  Uula Jero understands that there is a limit to how much power a single person can produce and believes that by building two person bikes then considerable more weight can be transported by bike.


It begins!


The Glasgow Bike Station provides Jero with recycled bikes while he searches for the waste to build these fantastic bikes!  What makes the bikes construction great is the simplicity in assembling the individual parts, there is no welding or expensive equipment required to build these bikes, they are built as efficient and cost effective as possible with the materials he finds.


 Wheels, Drills, Bolts and Nuts!


As people sometimes don’t have time to build their own bikes Jero does sell them although it is a sad time for him as he builds each bike from scratch and feels a personnel attachment to them.  Jero feels that when a bike hasn’t come off a production line it holds a storey, it has history.   He wants to reawaken the spirit of self-sufficiency in transportation.


The Bike Builder Uula Jero on the hunt for materials.

What a great picture! Using this reclaimed hand built adapted bicycle to search for parts for future bicycles – sounds like a cycle right?  This image really sums up the spirit of Uula Jero and his philosophy.



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