Beth Hays Thomas Designer

Beth Hays Thomas is a young designer who graduated in 2012 from Kingston University, Thomas and her fellow graduates arranged and organised the Variant an exhibition in London featuring all their amazing work!  Thomas has designed this interestingly named series of objects called ‘Polite Objects’ (image above) which consists of a Serving Bowl, Water Jug and Glasses, the concept behind the project is to explore the relationship between the products form and its use.  Thomas describes the human body as responding to the way it is used, for instance the indentation that appears on the tip of your finger after writing and so she designed Polite Objects to capture these moments.

Thomas has designed the Serving Bowl, Water Jug and Glasses to be functional as well as accommodate their individual uses.  They are not perfectly cylindrical forms that we think of glassware today but instead they have be adapted to their use, moulded to make it easier to be used and with this desire to increase function through use the designs become polite and dutiful looking.  It is not just about raw function, its about serving the user.  The range is inspired by human gestures and body language which is why they appear almost natural looking.

Thomas design also includes this fantastic looking stationary set made from Zirconia Ceramic!  Titled ‘Dinnerware for your Desktop’ the range includes a Tape Dispenser, Pencil Sharpener and Cutting Knife.

No more cheap plastic pencil sharpeners,  have a look at this ceramic pencil sharpener! The ceramics used is durable and long lasting, using a material like ceramics creates a sense of importance to the object – almost a precious material that you don’t want to loose! Thomas created the designs to look ‘at home on any desktop’ and its simple design and colour create a timeless aesthetic.

Its a little odd to say but what a beautiful tape dispenser, simple, functional and durable – they don’t make them like this any more!

Adding to the durability of the material and longevity of the product, the cutting elements are able to be sharpened over time to keep the stationary functioning in good working order.


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