Tea Time

Tea Time with the brew.


Paul Gibson is a graduate from Nottongham Trent University where he studied Product Design and has designed the brew!  The brew was designed in response to research where in recent years the English Breakfast Tea has been seeing a decline!  It is esitmated that 96% of tea drinkers are over the age of 25 – worrying stuff indeed.


The brew.


Paul Gibson’s brew is in response to the decline of English Breakfast tea consumption among young people, Gibson’s design aims to appeal to a younger audience.  The choice of colours, shapes and proportions certainly appeal to a younger generation, the branding of brew is also directed at a younger audience.


Trendy people enjoying a brew.


This trendy looking pot is quite clever in how it works.  The long green tea strainer is a simple and great way to control the strength of tea as it can be removed as desired, its position in the centre of the lid is convenient and its eye catching shape and colour contrasts nicely with the light blue lid.


Its defiantly an interesting design in response to research.


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