Organic Decay

Etched & patinated Brooch


Stephanie Hopkins, a Jewellery and Metalsmith graduate from Wolverhampton University that is inspired by organic forms and decay has created these fantastic pieces!  Hopkins uses a combination of techniques to achieve the desired results, etching, reticulation and patination are just some of the techniques that she employs to create and portray the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature and decay.



Etched & patinated Necklace


Inspired by organic forms and the beauty of decay Hopkins applies various techniques to achieve these results and although the processes are fascinating as they are, they also create an element of uncertainty as each process creates a different unmeasurable effect.  This way of creating requires skill and vision, the beauty of this techniques is that each effect is unique and each piece of jewellery cannot be replicated thus conforming to the inspiration of organic beauty and behaviour.


Etched & patinated Brooch


Stephanie Hopkins graduated this year and it will be great to see what kind of exciting new designs that she will be creating in the future! If you would like to know a little more about Hopkins and her work you can find her here


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