Hammer Time


Its Hammer Time! Loughborough University sculptor graduate has created these fantastic Cast Hammers!  Ackroyd wanted to play with peoples predetermined perceptions of objects and materials.  Hammers are usually understood to have a wood handle with a metal top and be top heavy.

With Ackroyd’s play on perception by casting the objects in different materials creates an object that is the same shape of a hammer but looks different, feels different and is perceived different.  Looking at this simple tool transformed through material and colour is great, Ackroyd’s enjoyment of these creations is seeing people’s reactions when they pick the hammers up and compare them.

Ackroyd has an inventory of fantastic castings which include the bronze rubber ducky above as well as Lego bricks, Game Boys ad so much more!


You can see more of Robin Ackroyd work here.


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