Conceptual Ceramics

 Rachel Lawton  and her Conceptual Ceramics.

Have a look at these fantastically curious ceramic works created by Rachael Lawton.  These ceramic pieces are designed to create intrigue in viewers.  Lawton’s work is often inspired by death but portraying it in a positive light by exploring the idea of a soul.  Lawton’s creative energy and inspiration is expressed through drawing and repetitive images produced on various surfaces which typical are bone china and paper.

In her last year of university Lawton created this fantastic collection of ceramics called Eye-Spots.

‘Eye-Spots’ explores the human soul and it being related to the butterfly. This link is made in many mythological stories, cultures, and old wives tales.

Lawton started this project looking at butterfly’s, after many drawing studies Lawton began to focus on the butterfly’s eye spots, the eye spot became the focal point of her creations and she began exterminating with bone china on the potter wheel.

Lawton’s favourite material to work with is bone china even though the material is notorious for being difficult to mould and shape.  She loves the qualities and enjoys making use of the white and transparent qualities.  Lawton relishes in the challenges of working with bone china, throwing with bone china is difficult and isn’t recommended for highly technical pieces however this element does allow each piece to be unique.  The uniqueness created by the properties of the material lends itself well to Lawton’s concept of butterflys and souls.

Lawton’s describes her experiments in bone china as very exciting and it’s a material that she will continue to use and experiment with in the future.  For the future Lawton will be experimenting with bone china and pushing its possibilities further.


If you want to know about Rachel Lawton check out her site here.


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