Claire McVinnie Interview

Great News! Its interview time!


We are excited to introduce the creative world of Claire McVinnie! Claire is an artist based in North East Fife, Scotland specialising in a wonderful unique array of laser cutting and print making techniques.  Claire’s skills, experience and customers make her a fantastic maker to interview and give some advice to our hungry graduates!


Check out what Claire has to say!


How did you start?

My laser cut wooden products are the result of many years of studying print making techniques combined with training on new technologies – the fancy Japanese paper is pasted onto Japanese plywood using the traditional method of Chine Colle and then the shapes are cut out using the laser cutter.

Where do you most like to create?

I am very lucky to have a studio in the garden to work in. I also carry a sketch/note book to help me remember ideas so really I can always squeeze in a bit of work anywhere.

What does your average day look like?

Luckily I don’t really have an average day. I work in the DCA Print Studio 3 days a week and that’s never average – every day is different.
Other things I squeeze into my days/weeks are fulfilling orders for my laser cut products, dreaming up new products, swotting up on current trends, keeping everyone up to date with what I’m doing, balancing the books and creating new prints.

When do you look at an item and think Now, that’s great design?

If I think ‘that’s great design’ I will want it! I think I’m quite difficult to please but I know what I like and it will be an instant ‘I have to have that in my life”! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it will be something that is useful, beautiful, and from a sustainable source.

Do you have any tips for new graduates starting out?

Don’t waste any time.
Get yourself a mentor or fix up several work placements.
Mix with like minded artists/makers.
Be prepared to work very hard.
Attend relevant trade fairs/shows and chat to the participants.
Contact Business Gateway and Cultural Enterprise – both are very helpful for new businesses.

Check out Claires website and have a look at her fantastic creations!


We would like to give Claire a big thank you (THANK YOU!) for giving us some of her time to interview and help out graduates!


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