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Check out this fantastic creation titled La Fee Verte by David Ross and
Illustrator Craig McIntosh.

We are happy to introduce a graduates graduate David Ross, Ross graduated in 2009 amid the ‘economic turmoil’ like many new graudtaes he felt that the job market lacked opportunity however the turning point in Ross’s career was after an internship in Rotterdam which inspired him to open his own studio! David Ross studio can be found here.


Ross has kindly spoken to us about his experiences and his words of ‘been there and done that’ really are a helpful insight for graduates going out on their own during these tough times. Have a look at what he has to say –


Pinso: How did you start out?

After graduating I felt uninspired by the job opportunities
available to new graduates, and also felt unsure of exactly what my own
design interests were. Having studied a very technical design course I was
keen to gain experience in a completely different area of design – I
therefore took on an internship at Studio Libertiny, an art and design
studio in Rotterdam. I returned from Rotterdam inspired by my experiences
and with a far greater knowledge of how the design industry works. I started
my own design studio, David Ross Design in 2011 as I was keen to experience
the freedom of running my own studio, and to develop as a designer with full
control over the direction this would take me and my work. I was definitely
naïve in how easily I thought it would be to make a name for myself, but
money is not a major driver for me, seeing my own creative ideas going from
concept to finished product is the important and exciting part.


Pinso: Where do you most like to create?

I have a fantastic new studio in the new Wasps’ South Block
development in the Merchant City, Glasgow. I share this studio with an
Illustrator friend, Craig McIntosh. This is my favourite place to ‘create’.
The whole block has a great atmosphere and I think it’s important for me to
share a studio as we can always inspire and motivate each other, and
recently we have even been collaborating.


Another great creation by David Ross, the Lily Chairs, check out there transformations here.


Pinso:  What does your average day look like?

An average day in the studio involves lots of cups of tea and
coffee, music, hanging out with a friend, making a lot of mess casting
plaster and probably getting in a muddle with some CAD.


Pinso: When do you look at an item and think ?Now, that?s great design??

I am probably a bit of a rubbish designer when it comes to noticing
whether the things around me are good design or not. If they work without me
taking much notice of them then I suppose they are good design, maybe… I’m
more likely to notice things that are visually striking, this doesn?t in any
way mean that the things I notice are good design, and often aren?t even
design at all, shapes, colours, textures, anything can take my attention and
be potentially inspiring.


Pinso: Do you have any tips for new graduates starting out?

Unfortunately there aren’t a huge number of jobs out there just now
and you shouldn’t feel pressured to take the first job that comes along. If
you are motivated enough to produce your own work (and you have time to do
this around however you are earning money to survive) then enjoy learning
and designing by yourself without the constraints that you may have
experienced whilst studying. You’ll learn what really interests you and
build up a great portfolio allowing you to find a job better suited to you,
or maybe better still start a successful studio yourself.



We would like to give David a big thank you (THANK YOU!) for giving us some of his time to respond to the interview questions and help out graduates!


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