The Rag and Bone Workshop by Martin Campbell

Rag and Bone Workshop


The Rag and Bone Workshop by Martin Campbell hits Glasgow! You may remember from our earlier post that Pinso would be attending the Rag and Bone Workshop on Sunday 8 July at the Lighthouse Glasgow! And here are the photos of our fantastic experience!



You can literally make whatever you want! There is plenty of materials, tools and helpers around to help you make pots, bracelets, lights whatever you want! Its a great sight when entering the Rag and Bone Workshop as you see so many people scattered around making all sorts of things.



This gooey, oozing orange sauce makes it easy to whip up some quick quirky creations! It almost looks yummy but don’t eat it!



A maker working away on his latest creation!  The great thing about the workshop is that anything you make, you get to keep and take home! The workshop is also a great team building experience with lots of helping, pushing and pulling.



Why not make a bracelet!  This random piece was made in a few short minutes. Choose your colour, choose your shape and get making your own jewellery!



Another interesting piece at the Rag and Bone Workshop was this hand built wooden bike!  The guys where there making another one while at the Rag and Bone Workshop!  We are going to get a post up about this in detail because its fantastic.


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