The Edinburgh Contemporary Craft Workshop

Work in progress…


Good news for Makers! The Edinburgh Contemporary Craft Workshop based in the centre of Edinburgh (59 Home Street to be precise!) is a great new workshop which aims to support and promote Designers and Makers, the workshop provides access to high quality craft and craft processes.   It has space for 30 resident makers and many more through a membership program which is great news for makers and the public!


The workshop will offer a host of benefits such as encouraging collaboration and the creation of exciting new work!  Facilitate informal mentoring by reserving space for both emerging and established designer/makers.  Promote makers from across Scotland through a year round program of exhibitions and to allow the general public access to high quality craft.  As for the workshop itself, it is fantastic! It is a three-storey church in the city centre, 59 Home Street, Edinburgh.


In short the workshop is going to be melting pot of multi-disciplinary designers and makers!  There will be some great stuff coming out of this workshop!  You can visit The Edinburgh Contemporary Craft Workshop site for more information.


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